Director Statement

Almost a year ago now I was sitting at the corner of a dark and cozy bar, slightly grimy around the edges but intimate in a way that immediately sets the hackles in the shoulders at ease. I was sitting with Adam, the lead singer and guitarist for More Than Skies, and we were just sitting and talking and generally shooting the proverbial shit about what we were up to as malaise’d begun to melt off and sit with the cold just outside the doors. I’d told Adam how I’d recently been  angling to get further into filmmaking. Adam just come off producing his newest album with More Than Skies, the second of the trilogy about a couple and was in the depths of conceptualizing the third, all three a part of “The Ballad of Jenny and James.” I spent the remainder of the evening listening to him explain the albums as three acts to a story about a man whose addictions bested him, and how he eventually fought through them to get on the other side. And in the center of it all, there was a woman. By the end of the evening we found ourselves plotting out a music video. I was immediately drawn to the story, the characters, and knew the songs could not be presented in any other way but narrative.  With this one video we were able to bring across the conflict between Jenny and James; the love, the struggle, the unease, and left James as the odd man out. This video in itself is introduction to the characters and the story, and after the release of the third album, it is our intention to see to it that this story will be adapted for film.







'What happens when your dreams reflect your reality? What if those dreams are just projections of your tortured truth? 
Here we have a family torn apart by selfish ambition and desperation during a period where even the wrong looks right. 
This is a story of unrequited love being waltzed around in 3/4 time. 
This is " What Keeps Me Up At Night".'

                                                                                                                                                                   -Adam James Tomlinson

The Ballad of Jenny & James. 

Jenny & James meet as class mates in high school, become friends and occasional pen pals. She moves to California. Man is a musician, plays a show in a gallery in California. She goes. Finally has a chance to express her feelings for him. They spend some time together while he’s there. She becomes pregnant and then goes through with an unplanned pregnancy. He wasn’t so sure he was ready for more than a fleeting holiday encounter. She arranged to meet him in NYC and arrives with a  supportive college friend. Took the transcontinental to fulfill a childhood dream with her friend to travel across the country by train. He meets her at the station. He has no idea about the news that she is carrying. They reluctantly become man and wife. Soon they move to the Hudson Valley in Ny to raise the child close to his family. One child becomes three. He is still secretly in love with his best friend from high school, Judy. Nothing ever became of it. It was unrequited. It became the big “what if” in his mind. Falls into a depression. They had more children to hopefully save the marriage. Troubles and hardships remain. Man gets into trouble with the law & some lawless individuals, flees, and leaves his family behind. 
Their rocky relationship had been falling apart slowly since beginning. 
There is doubt as to whether husband will return or change his ways. He had gambled their savings away, and in a desperate moment robs the bookie at the betting shop who he made the bet with. The bookie was part of a larger gang that is now on the hunt for him. Authorities are after him too, under the impression that he robbed a legitimate business.  

He occasionally calls from the road to check in. He continues to perform to try and make more money and wires it when he can. Months turn into a couple years. Realizes the error of his ways and regrets not seeing the gift he had been given. He suspects that she has found someone else. Turns out there’s a lover on the side, a navy man. They met at a shop in town. He picked up the slack since the husband isn’t there. Showed her a kindness she hadn’t experienced in years. She fell out of love as he discovered what love was.  Hope is lost. The American Dream they chased after was built without a solid foundation. Gang find out he’s in town trying to return home and a chase ensues. Just as he gets away on foot he ends up caught in the headlights. The police have him right where they want him.  

The End?

Husband, sincerely wanted to do right by his family by providing for them. His vices; alcoholism, gambling, promiscuity are his downfall. 

Wife, loved him in the beginning and kept the baby hoping that he would learn to love her and support her. He eventually did, but she fell out of love after all of his selfish decisions compromised everything they were building. 

She meets the other man while shopping in town. Takes a liking to her and her kids and shows her a kindness she hadn’t felt in years. Become friends...and eventually more. 

Song takes place while he is still on the road trying to come back. Jenny has a new lover, James is going mad and wants to come home and fix things. She’s home with the kids and trying to get by best she can, with the help and the kindness of this familiar stranger. 

Lyrics to the song:

I howl with the wind, 
I'm not making any sense of anyone. 
Everyone is mad, it's really not so bad. 
I'm afraid of being right, about what keeps me up at night, 
I've lost my mind. 
I'm afraid of being wrong, 
that I could harbor so much doubt with the one that I love. 

Jenny's found a new man. 
Jenny's got a new plan. 

If you're telling me the truth, it ain't doing me no good. 
Unless it's understood, and you feel the pains of the proof, 
the labor of the land in the palm of my hand. 

Jenny's found a new man. 
Jenny's got a new plan. 

Me and the weather, we stick together like birds in a fray, 
purging our feathers. 
What was lost for today, tomorrow won't bother, 
what's out of our hands, we don't understand.

    Bela Kolozsvari Photography 

                Independent Film


                Television Studio

   ©2016 by Bela Kolozsvari Photography.


              Cast and Crew 


StudioBK New York

Produced and Directed by

Bela Kolozsvari


Adam James Tomlinson

Music and Lyrics by

Adam James Tomlinson

Edited by

Joe Crawford

Screenplay by

Timothy Chivalette

Director of Photography:

Joe Crawford

2nd Cameraman:

Christian Moreno

3rd Cameraman:

Adam James Tomlinson

Production Assistant:

Tamas Szebeni


DZ Maciel

Creative Director:

Nono Judit Sipos

BTS Photography:

Nono Art Photography



Portrayed by 

DZ Maciel


Portrayed by

Terence Matthew Sullivan

The other man

Portrayed by

John Ford-Dunker

House set:

Erica Fkiaras

Gallery Set:

Marie DiPierri