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Cherished Clients

Bela Kolozsvari Photography always enjoys working closely with clients, understanding and preparing for the specific style and type of photography they need. Fulfilling clients’ needs is always the most important part of the job. Check out the list of some of the clients Bela Kolozsvari Photography has had the privilege to work with.


Flannery Spring-Robinson

A Successful Collaboration

Nora (4 of 1).jpg

Norah Elise Johnson

Better Together


Dora Varga

From Vision to Reality


Vanessa Gonzales

Best With Kiddos


 Rave Reviews

Bela Kolozsvari Photography loves working with individuals and companies, offering them the professional photography services they need. Bela Kolozsvari Photography makes sure to get to know each client personally before beginning a shoot. Read on to discover some of the rave reviews Bela Kolozsvari Photography has been receiving throughout the years from their many satisfied clients.

Bela, the photographer, is amazing to work with. He is incredibly open minded and makes you feel comfortable in your own skin. A fun and creative atmosphere! I love Studio BK

Flannery Spring-Robinson

Bela has a great eye and a willingness to listen to what you're looking to create -- I can't wait to see what he creates in the future!

Norah Elise Johnson

I loved to work with this guy. Professional job and nice atmosphere at Studio BK. Thank you Béla!

Dora Varga

Your the best ! Everyone in NY look no further he’s passionate about his Profession, completely open minded and creative and when working with my little ones he was very patient. I will definitely be using you for all our photos and recommending you to everyone !!!

Vanessa Gonzales

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